"Being a Plein Air painter has its difficulties, the changing light, the sudden wind, the scorching sun. However, the benefits far out way those obstacles. Beside the total merging with the outdoors the connection with other people is practically inevitable.

The creative process brings us the gift of bridging over age, gender and race. Little toddlers barely reaching my pallet stand wide eyed peering onto my canvas and pallet. Older folks share with nostalgia how painting was something they’d like to pursue. Youth slow down their skate boards at my site and stop to examine my painting. They depart with an appreciating remark: “cool”.

I like connecting with people. I like my art being a means to do that."

Nikki began her art education in graphic arts, which she studied at the Bezalel Art Institute in Jerusalem. She continued her art education in London where she earned a National Diploma in Design. She discovered her true passion for painting at London’s Royal College of Art.

In the 1970s in California, she studied with Lundy Siegrist, son of Society of Six member. Louis Siegriest where she gained her interest in plein air painting.

The 1983 art show by Selden Gile, the spiritual leader of the Society of Six, renewed her passion for plein air painting. Painting with Jerold Turner and later joined by Pam Glover and William Rushton created a strong bond and the beginning of “The Outsiders”.

Nikki currently teaches plein air painting in various workshops in the Bay Area. She resides in Benicia, California. Her studio is on Peggy Martin Lane where she works and exhibits her paintings. All are welcome by appointment.

Nikki Basch-Davis is showing her work at Gallery 621 on First Street, Benicia. The gallery is open Thursday through Sunday, 12-6 P.M. and by appointment.

She also welcomes you to view her work at her Benicia studio.
925-212-8096 .

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